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So, you want to date an entrepreneur.

Can we take a second and be real?

The conversation of dating an entrepreneur comes up often. But the real conversation NEVER takes place.

I started this conversation on my youtube channel around 9-5ers dating entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs dating entrepreneurs titled " You can't handle me" (

Now it continues....

To date an entrepreneur It is not an easy thing, I promise you. It takes a special type of person. When I say special type of person this person has to posses natural qualities and actions. None that have to be continuously mentioned or hinted at for someone to display It. Those qualities consist of - being supportive, loving, a high level of patience, understanding, an amazing listener, caring, giving, confident, compassionate, compromising, self-motivated, innovative, engaged, a great communicator and sensible... Entrepreneurs am I missing anything ?

But with those qualities also are actions that need to follow: able to pick up where they lack, having a hustle of your own, the quite storm in the middle of chaos, being helpful when that person needs It, being financially stable, someone to make them laugh but not annoy them. Knowing how to show them they are important and feel special because believe me, consumers have made them feel like their value is questionable.

I say all those things to say, and my Entrepreneurs can tell me if I’m missing anything. Entrepreneurs can have days where the money is flowing heavy and the next day, It isn’t. They can deal with multiple people and personalities and have a bad day from all that chaos.

We may not smile all the time because running a business and taking care of things in life can be hell of stressful, and the many of other aspects to entrepreneurship. I do believe It is something similar dealing with someone who isn’t an entrepreneur as well.

I need to feel like you can be my business partner one day as we build an empire outside of being my best friend and lover. (That’s for those who will make their significant other their business partner that is.) says these are 18 things you should know before dating an entrepreneur

1. They read a lot about business and self-development.

2. They sometimes have a hard time “turning off.”

3. You’ll always wonder if this is a tax write-off.

4. They analyze almost everything to see if it’s worth their time.

5. They definitely don’t work a 9-to-5 schedule.

6. They ask a lot of questions.

7. They don’t particularly enjoy spending time with lazy people.

8. They can be a “jack-of-all-trades” type.

9. They live to achieve.

10. Spontaneity is part of the package.

11. You’ll learn a lot about entrepreneurship.

12. They’re great at surprises.

13. It’s difficult to explain what they do.

14. You'll watch movies like 'The Social Network' and shows like 'Silicon Valley.'

15. Their emotions fluctuate often.

16. You may need to remind them not to spread themselves too thin.

17. They need a spouse who is good at nurturing, giving space, forgiving and having fun.

18. They think and care about you more than you may know.

10 Brutal Truths of dating an entrepreneur

Last-minute changes

It's an emotional roller coaster

Competing for attention

Long work hours

Constant interruptions

Constant Travel

Weekends are for working

Small budgets

Constant fundraising

Their business is your business

Lol, so can you handle it?

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