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Keys to organization for the Unorganized-preneur

On January 7th on the EntrepreneuHERs Brunch Instagram page we asked - "How organized are you? As EntrepreneuHERs It is our DUTY, to stay on our A game!" A few commented back, others DM'd us asking back for help! Today, you will learn a few key things to keep you organized as an EntrepreneuHER.

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Acuity Scheduling (Aligns with your google calendar so you don't over book yourself.)

Latergram (Upload and schedule post for social media.

Hootsuite (Upload and schedule tweets so they can automatically post.)

Google Calendar (Perfect for receiving reminders and staying on top of everything.)

Your Alarm (If you are trying to be finish by a certain time set yourself alarms during the day to keep you on track.)

Action plan

Content planning is for Sundays (Plan all your content out for the week, have your plan solidified before.

Prioritize your days with the task or if you have multiple businesses or duties designate them with days.

Setting goals to accomplish a certain amount of task daily (I.e. I write down 6 goals for the day and accomplish them.)

Be realistic with yourself don't bite off more than you can chew.

Color coding your planner.

Making sure your planners, calendars, and reminders all are aligned.

Set yourself on strict work hours (I'm still working on that myself.)

We hope these quick tips help you on your organizational journey! If you use other tools to stay organized comment below and let us know!

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