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Mask off - EntrepreneurHERship

Boss up or wear the mask!

Aspiring and current EntrepreneuHERs go through many of the same struggles believe it or not! The most common struggle we face, is DECISION making! We often become confused and frustrated when opportunities are in disguise as decisions. Your probably wondering, so when does this phase end? I'm sorry, it doesn't it is something we all will face constantly and grow with it.

Decision making is the PRIMARY part of being a CEO, Business-owner, EntrepreneuHER; whichever you refer to. Many of the decisions you make will either make a epic or crucial impact on your business. Now your probably wondering, well how do I make the best decision. My answer? Knowing your brand/business and what is best for it at all times (i.e. Marketing, Publicity, Product, Services, Target Market, Campaigns). You as the head honcho, will always carry the vision and have the final say of your team about your business; but you have to always remember WHY you started and the ultimate ending goal!

Three big decisions every entrepreneuHER should be prepared to face and take the mask off for, in order to move forward!

1) Do I turn my idea into reality? (Idea into a business)

If this idea is a PASSION, not a want, not something cute for the time; then why are you still reading and not working! Don't let your idea/passion sit for to long, or else some else will make your dreams their reality. This is the first biggest decision as a EntrepreneuHER made of many. Understand you are now sacrificing your social life, personal time, sleep and you will be scaling back on the life-style you are current use to. Your making an investment in your brand.

2) To expand or not to expand?

Decisions, Decisions. If your goal is to stay a small business just expand within the services or goods you offer, than fine! But even with that, it is some form of expanding. Are you second guessing in this area? Currently, trying to make this decision? My first question for you is it for new revenue, or simply the potential for something new and exciting? Well here's some help, weather you are expanding big or small; you should always be looking for avenues for new revenue streams within your business. BUT be wise, be strategic, have a plan.

3) Giving up or Giving in?

Neither. Starting a business is hard, having a business is hard. But just because you see people in your field who are successful, doesn't mean they got there because it was easy. They didn't give up or give in. There will be many trying situations, money, not enough time in a day and not enough you time and moments were you will be stuck on what is next. The start is the hardest part! The decision here? Find a business coach, someone who is full-time in the field your in or been doing it much longer, ask for guidance. DO NOT be afraid to reach out to someone else for guidance and motivation. Do not lose your grind or persistence!

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