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Healthy Habits of an EntrepreneuHER

To be a successful EntrepreneuHER it requires you to live a healthy lifestyle. Some of your favorite Boss BAEs like Oprah and Rasheeda, follow a healthy regimen to help them succeed and have a money-making type of day. Here are five healthy habits of an EntrepreneuHER.

1. They get up early. Whether they go to bed at 4 p.m. or 4 a.m. They wake up early and prepare for a new day. Starting off by checking planners and talking to assistants about what the schedule for the day is going to look like. (not headed straight to social media for their daily dose of "tea").

Getting up early is the key to getting Issshhh done. When I start my day personally like to wake up early and eat a nice breakfast to make me full of energy for the day (I hate functioning on an empty stomach). Ming Lee the owner of Snob Life studios in Atlanta Georgia did a documentary in 2015 about her experience about her (EntrepreneuHER) journey, and as I watched the video the quote in the back really stood out more than anything "If you fail to plan you plan to fail. That quote is nothing but the truth. So, if you aren't already an EntrepreneuHER and want to become one make sure you get up early. Set alarms, do what you must do to get up and get motivated.

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2.They Don't Procrastinate. An entrepreneuHER reviews her goals and gets straight to it. Whether it's checking emails or making phone calls, she does whatever it takes, to cross another task off her to-do list. An EntrepreneuHER woman is self-motivated. Even in the midst of a chaotic day, she knows that work still must be done so, she pushes through. An entrepreneuHER understands that deadlines must be met to be successful, so she doesn't push off tomorrow what she can do today. Make a to-do list and set schedules to get things done. Don't wait until the last minute, be proactive with your life. You can't sit around twirling your thumbs waiting for the next opportunity to come to you.

3.Pray and meditate. Prayer and Meditation are vital to be a healthy entrepreneuHER. It's important to give gratitude to the universe for everything that you have while allowing new positive energy to flow in your life. With each day bringing on a new task prayer and meditation is essential for balance and clarity. Some days you just need to step back and regroup. Praying, meditating, and speaking positive affirmations in your life can help you become more optimistic about your future if you aren't already.

4.Sleep. My favorite thing to do as an EntrepreneuHER. Studies have shown that the average person needs 8 hours of sleep. I need all eight hours period! Sleep keeps you looking young. Besides, you must remember your body is not a robot. You don't operate on batteries. Sleep is essential to have a healthier day and lifestyle. When you wake up, you are guaranteed to feel refreshed with a new mindset ready to get things done.

5.Surround yourself with like-minded people. An entrepreneuHER doesn't just walk the walk but she is always open to having a boss conversation where she will talk the talk. If you love phone conversations and texting all day every day there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure your conversations are motivating you to reach that next level of success. You are like the top five people you associate yourself with. If you talk to EntrepreneuHER woman daily, you'll most likely pick up their boss habits and incorporate it into your daily regimen. If you hang with smokers, you'll most likely start smoking. So, choose wisely who you surround yourself with.

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