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5 Things Every (Woman) EntrepreneuHER Should Know

1. Your business is whatever you want it to be.

No idea you create is stupid, it's as only as big, good and strong as you believe it will be. (So let us start there) Dig deep inside your creativity box, grab a sheet of paper and make your favorite cocktail! Use your ideas, experience, knowledge and opportunities you have had or you have. Trial and error is a huge part of being in business for yourself. If you are sitting at home or worse sitting in an environment that pays you, Don't make excuses for yourself, and search for reasons for things not to be possible. As long as your willing it is possible. Now you have that long island drink, you've been dying for after a stressful week!

2. Know your worth.

Know what you want, know your boundaries and know what you will and will not do. Being a woman EntrepreneuHER in 2017 means that you will constantly get offers or feel pressured to do what you see "them" over there doing because they look like they have it all figured out. But it's up to you to stay true to yourself, your morals and your brand so you won't be moved by outside pressures or "opportunities." Once you do that you will have a clear guideline to the things that are meant for you and will have no issue saying no when needed. It's ok to not be for everybody. - ( Tula Alfredo, Tula Talks Entertainment)

3. Your online presence is your storefront.

We are in a digital era (Get with the program), you walk down the street, walk into a work place during lunch hours, you can bet you will find someone on social media. Online branding happens on various platforms (which means you should get very familiar with all outlets) that way you can plan how to successfully execute them. Remember each platform is an opportunity to make an impression!!!

4. Take your work seriously.

Everyone wants to get rich quick, but getting rich quick doesn't exist. Becoming successful doesn't happen if you aren't taking YOUR WORK SERIOUSLY! No one, is going to take your business as seriously as you. So if you don't take it seriously, no one else will. As an EntrepreneuHER the product or service (your work) relies on your everyday; there are no days off. Create the opportunities your ambition requires. If your business fails, just remember you get back what you give.

5. Use what you have to build what you need.

As we said with #3 your online presence is your storefront! Well guess what, use those networking social media sites to build connections for entrepreneurs (i.e. Linkedin and Facebook). Do not just communicate with them through instant messenger or email; invite them out do lunch! Gain what Tatum Harrison (CEO & Founder of the Queen Academy, The Queein Group and Creator the Black Girl Boss Podcast) calls an accountability partner. Ask them for advice, ask them for tips to further your idea, have them check you when to make sure you are meeting your goals. Long story short, continue to educate yourself, network, build your mailing list for your business. Join groups of like-minded individuals, and go to event designed for your industry!


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