Panels & Workshops

The EntrepreneuHERs Conference will consist of over 10 intensive workshops over 3 days that will assist our guests in selecting, developing, and perfecting their crafts.


The Fundamentals of Business, Friday, March 13

On Friday at our EntrepreneuHERs Night IN our Biggest Boss guests will enjoy a fireside chat with a   leading business coach to discuss the fundamentals of owning and operating a business.


An EntrepreneuHERs Guide to Self Care, Saturday, March 14

As EntrepreneuHERs we all need to take care of ourselves. A life coach and business owner will take time   with our EntrepreneuHERs to discuss self care strategies as well as perform a self care exercise. 


Mindset & Monetization, Saturday, March 14

A penny for your thoughts sounds good, but it can be a real thing! Our speaker will walk our ladies   through the process of taking their ideas, making them a reality, and monetizing those ideas.


Branding Like a Boss, Saturday, March 14

Branding is a cornerstone of any business and our branding like a boss panel will discuss the ins and out   of branding and how it can mean the success or demise of a business. Through proven techniques given   by our speakers our ladies will leave with branding tactics to apply to their businesses.


Relationship Marketing: Building Relationships Both On and Offline without Networking, Saturday, March 14

Our speaker will take our EntrepreneuHERs through the process of defining relationship marketing as   well as how to curate the proper strategies to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term   engagement.


Trademarking & Protecting Your Business*, Saturday, March 14

This catered lunch workshop, reserved for our Biggest Boss guests, will be led by a business attorney to   educate our EntrepreneuHERs on protecting and trademarking their businesses legally. 


How to use Your 9-5 to Leverage Your Side Hustle*, Saturday, March 14

This catered lunch workshop, reserved for our VIB guests, will be led by a business strategist to provide   tools to our EntrepreneuHERs for them to utilize the skills and resources at their 9-5 to develop their side   hustle into a fulfilling career. 


Finances & Credit, Saturday, March 14

A nationally recognized bank will take time with our EntrepreneuHERs to discuss the important of   separating business and personal expenses, as well as financial tips to prepare financially for all   entrepreneurship may ensue. 

Financially Fit, Saturday, March 14

A powerful CFO will provide the necessary tools for our entrepreneurs to properly manage their income   from their businesses focusing on setting and achieving financial goals for personal and business   experiences. 

Balancing the 4 B’s: Business, Baes, Besties, and Babies, Saturday, March 14

Our panel of leading EntrepreneuHERs will work through the art of balance with our ladies to discuss   their personal struggles and triumphs with balancing their business, friends, significant others, and   families. 

A Simple Formula to Creating the Career You Want, Saturday, March 14

Our speaker will close out day 2 of the conference with a workshop to teach our guests a formula to   creating the career they aspire to have. 

Take Care of HER, Sunday, March 15

Revisiting self care, a health professional will talk about the health consequences of not caring for   yourself and the toll it can take on your business as well as providing strategies to manage stress, anxiety,   and depression.

Blessed Business, Sunday, March 15

During our annual EntrepreneuHERs brunch, on the final day of the conference, our special guest   speaker will take the time to work through putting faith into business to encourage our guests through   the process of entrepreneurship. 

Speakers will be announced in

May 2019!

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