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You've worked so hard for the first three quarters of the year. Image taking an A 3-night  personal rejuvenation retreat to gear you up to finish the last quarter strong and walk into the new year like "It's Handled". Grab your business bestie and release, relax and restore yourselves! 

During this (3) day retreat guests will be greeted with a welcome party, we will have chef-prepared meals, spiritual restoration, and mindset development sessions, wellness activities, group master-mind sessions, excursions, self-care weekend survival bag, and business/brand geared workshops from key industry experts. Lastly, departing guests will be released with a spiritual healing brunch. We believe you grow better when the environment is changed.

The Retreat: TBD Check in 5:00pm - TBD Check out 11:00 am 


Retreat Pricing 

$5,800.00 Per Person (MEMBERS ONLY)  - Price may vary due to location travel


*Please be aware that all bedrooms, bathrooms, and/or beds are shared!

Drink Service.

Proper identification will be requested, 21+ is a must in order to be served. 

COIVD-19 Regulation: All attendees must present an updated negative COIVD test upon entry to the event. COVID-Test will be taken daily and before departure. 

** Please note this is a non-refundable event, upon purchase you've agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

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