About the Conference


This year the Women EntrepreneuHERs Brunch is debuting the highly anticipated conference (5) city, (2) day tour. This conference will be an impactful and eventful 2 days for EntrepreneuHERs from all over the nation. Hosted in New York, NY, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL  from March to April, 2020 this will be a pivotal moment for EntrepreneuHERs to connect, learn, and inspire one another. With over 30 speakers and 30+ vendors total, live performances, and notable speakers this event promises to be an amazing opportunity for all who attend.


The Annual “Women EntrepreneuHERs Brunch” (WEB) is a platform created by serial entrepreneur Milan Mobley. This platform was designed for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as women in business. The mission of the EntrepreneuHERs brunch is to create an environment for women of various levels of business and entrepreneurship to network and grow their net worth, become further educated on entrepreneurship and business by the hand-selected speakers and panels, and lastly, to leave inspired by the women they’ve encountered. Traditionally the EntrepreneuHERs Brunch is held in the month of March in honor of Women’s History Month. 

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